Witlinger Wants You To Ring In The New Year With Craft Beer

Champagne has long been the drink of choice for New Year’s Eve parties, but times are a changing and more and more people are leaning towards craft beers. Therefore, why not ring in 2017 with a toast with Witlinger’s craft beer?

The Witlinger Story

Witlinger is India’s first bottled craft beer having been launched by Kaama Impex Pvt Ltd early this year.


The beer takes its inspiration from the popularity of craft beer in the UK and is therefore brewed by Master Brewers at Brains Brewery in Cardiff.

Witlinger beer is available in two variants; Witlinger Wheat Ale and Witlinger Lager, available at Rs.150 and Rs160 in Delhi and Mumbai respectively. They are served at restaurants, clubs and hotels.

Your Own Witparty

This festive season, Witlinger suggests you bring these beers home to host your very own ‘Witparty’. Speaking on Witlinger and craft beer being a party starter for this festive season Anuj Kushwah, Managing Director and founder of Kaama Impex Pvt. Ltd said, “Witlinger has its own fan following amongst the beer lovers due to its unique style and flavorsome taste that no other beer brand in the country can match. Now, they will be able to enjoy it in bottle and take it with them or gift to their friends, giving an honest and tasteful craft beer experience of UK. Christmas is all about fun and offers a perfect occasion to try some new flavors and get high on festivity spirit. WitParty is an extension of our idea to offer a unique and personal experience to beer lovers and promote the culture of young and vibrant India.”



Similarly, Mukesh Reddy, a bartender and event organiser applauded the idea of having a craft beer propelled party saying “,” there is a huge shift in the drinking trend. People have become more open to exploring new flavors and new brands. However winter comes with a drawback of less beer intake, and that’s where a craft beer comes in as it is an all season drink. Craft beer cocktails are catching pace and the flavors of witlinger makes it one of the best party starter option. From summer delight, beer has moved towards winter delights with the craft beer concept.”

Are you convinced that perhaps a craft beer party is the way to go this New Year’s Eve?