Without Wine There Will Be No Dinner, Says France To Iran

Well, apparently, the French take their wine very seriously. 

Iran definitely knows how much this week. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is scheduled to visit the European continent this week which will be his first visit to the continent as president. According to the Washington Post, the two presidents tried and failed to negotiate the menu for a formal dinner in Paris. 

Sea-food, bring the wine.

In order to abide by Islamic rule, the Iranian President wanted an alcohol-free dinner and Halal meat to be served. French President Francois Hollande offered to host a diplomatic breakfast instead of a sans wine formal dinner. 

Because what is dinner without wine? 

Red-y for the gym?

The Iranian president wasn’t feeling the breakfast and termed it ‘cheap’ and the two leaders are going to meet and there won’t be any wine or food present. 

Rouhani will also be meeting Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and Pope Francis. We aren’t sure what the menu is there, but we can be assured there will be pasta and pizza!