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Ice Cream

With this Granola Bar Ice Cream, you can now have Ice Cream for Breakfast


Ice cream is amazing and as a kid all I wanted to do was eat ice cream all day. Well, that’s still what we all want to do right? On some days we still have that tub of double chocolate ice cream tub in the morning for breakfast and as much as we enjoy it, we still feel that tinge of guilt that we didn’t have the fruit bowl instead. 

Now, however, a Japanese company is giving its customers permission to eat ice cream for breakfast with its new granola ice cream bar.

According to Rocket News 24, a Japanese confectionary company called Takeshita Seika has started producing a granola ice cream bar meant to be eaten for breakfast in place of granola with cold milk.

The bar is called ‘this is the breakfast ice cream’ in case you ever have any doubts about what it is. 

The bar is made of vanilla ice cream mixed with dried apples and raisins, and the whole thing is covered with a crunchy, cinnamon granola shell. It might not be the most healthful way to start the day, but it does look delicious.