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Wishes Do Come True: Jennifer Garner Is Back With The ‘Pretend Cooking Show’


Earlier this month, actress Jennifer Garner sent a big “oh my god, she is adorable” wave through social media as she recreated one of Ina Garten’s recipe in what she calls a ‘Pretend Cooking Show’. Made-up as it may be, Garner managed to garner (see what we did there) a lot of positive feedback, most of which were requests to do another video. And alas, our wishes have come true!

Titled Pretend Cooking Show, Episode 2, this upload features the 13 Going On 30 star whipping up some classic English Muffins using the Huckleberry cookbook.

“One of my favorite restaurants in Santa Monica is Huckleberry run by Zoe Nathan,” Garner says. “I was so happy when she made a cookbook. One of my favorite recipes in here is something I make all the time. It’s a total family-pleaser. Their English muffin recipe. It’s covered in flour. You start it the night before so it’s about to be last night.”

We’re not sure about what’s cuter, Garner donned in a bear pajama set and thick glasses, reading out from a big chunky notebook or Garner being accompanied by her pet golden retriever, Bird. That said, the one thing that has us wishing for a third episode is hands-down the 45-year-old’s totally relatable and delightfully comic narration.

The muffins turned out to be gorgeous but too bad for the actress, who is on a diet and cannot indulge in carbs. Instead, she just takes a whiff and signs off with a batch of sweetbreads that “feel really perfect”. Watch the full video below.

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