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Wise Foods Inc. Is Literally Getting Sued Over Air And The Internet Loves It!


Chip (or crisp, if you’re British) lovers around the world rejoice! After years and years of being subjected to more air than chips in our packets, two noble souls are fighting back. Yes, you are not hallucinating, Sameline Alce and Desiré Nugent are suing chip company, Wise Foods Inc

The class-action lawsuit was filed in the Southern District of New York federal court. The plaintiffs allege that the chip company Wise Foods Inc. only fills their bags one-third of the way with chips, with the rest being air. I mean, come on Wise Foods! We’re used to the half and half ratio but this is next level!

Alce and Nugent claim that other chip manufacturers don’t fill their bags with nearly as much air, and even use smaller bags to fill larger volumes than what Wise Foods Inc. uses. (No) thanks to FDA regulations, technically air can be put into chip bags in order to protect the product inside. However, it appears that Wise Chips is still mislabeling its bags compared to other products by having so much air inside. 

It seems our brave heroes are not alone in this complaint. Soon after word leaked about the suit the internet (the hero that we deserve) came to the rescue. Twitter was having none of it! Hordes of pictures were sent in with disgruntled customers showing just how scarce the chips in Wise Foods were (like come on just label it air then). 

If Alce and Nugent win, Wise Foods would have to repackage their chips with much less air and face charges of up to $1,500 per violation. Considering the number of chips they make, that’s a lot of money they’d have to cash out if they lose. Hopefully, this sends a strong message to all the other chip making companies so that they wouldn’t even consider changing up their air to chips ratio (for the worse obviously, more chips are welcome). I mean, seriously, we’re willing to go to court over it!

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