Winters Got Rosier With RoohAfza & Barista’s Latest Collaboration

After successfully rolling out the Shakerato and Masaaaala variants last year, Rooh Afza is back with yet another fantastic collaboration with Barista. This time the two leading brands put together a duo of soul-warming hot drinks to get you through the rest of winter.

Speaking at the launch, Mansoor Ali, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Hamdard said, “This association is a part of the transformational phase that Hamdard is currently in. One of the key focus is to create connect for RoohAfza with the younger generation, the millennial of today and be accessible to them in the formats and locations they hang out in. Of late, there has been a noticeable move towards natural, herbal-based products in the consumer space.”


What’s New?

So what’s for us in this latest partnership? For starters, a lot of warmth. Christened RoohAfza Badam Milk and Rooh Mocha, the two hot RoohAfza based drinks take a never before seen take on popular beverages in addition to promoting an all year long consumption of Hamdard’s flagship rose syrup.

Rooh Mocha

As the name suggests, the Rooh Mocha brings together an unusual albeit utterly delectable pair – coffee and Rooh Afza. This hot drink blends Barista’s aromatic medium blend coffee with Rooh Afza. The result is a creamy, chocolaty mocha with a pleasant aftertaste of the rose beverage. The best part about this pairing is an added richness along with a distinct rose flavor that doesn’t overpower the coffee but adds just the right amount of sweetness to the beverage.Winters Got Rosier With RoohAfza & Barista's Latest Collaboration

Rooh Afza Badam Milk

Here’s a combination that most of us may have tried at home. The only difference is that Barista sort of did a better job than any of us ever could. Unlike regular almond milk, the chunky RoohAfza Badam Milk is enriched with healthy Californian almonds and a splash of RoohAfza, which completely changes all. While the drink retains the quintessential badam milk flavor and texture, the syrup simply ups the taste game while leaving a sweet rosy trail on the palate. A great example of “heritage meets cool,” as Ali puts it.

Winters Got Rosier With RoohAfza & Barista's Latest Collaboration

“We are happy to announce that our valued partnership with Hamdard has yielded great customer traction. In our endeavor to be in the ‘Innovative Space’, we have successfully taken fusion drinks to newer levels”, Barista CEO Puneet Gulati said, adding “our endeavor is to line up more exciting offering in times to come. Our association with Hamdard is a testimony to the fact that we keep having newer reasons for guests to visit our stores.”

The new additions to the menu will be available at 100 Barista stores with a focus on RoohAfza affinity markets, and the potential to attract newer consumers based on their demographics through the Barista Network.

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