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Winter in Chennai- Things to eat and drink


“Winter” in Chennai is all about rain, strong wind and lovely things to eat. So take a walk round the city and sip or bite into these snacks that will warm your Chennai Spirit. 

1. Soup by the beach

image winter.1

2. Mollaga bajji

image winter.2

3. Samosa with Mint sauce

image winter.3

4. Momos with chilli sauce 

image winter.4

5. Cauliflower Pakoda

image winter.5

6. Sundal

image winter.6

7. Masala Tea

image winter.7

8. Steamed Corn

image winter.8

9. Masala Vadai 

image winter.9

10. Rava Kesari

image winter.10

11. Filter Coffee

image winter.11

12. Masala Toast

image winter.12