Winter Has Arrived At Cafe Coffee Day

The world is filled with a Game of Thrones fervour; in the midst of summer, fans everywhere are bracing themselves for a long winter and an invasion of white walkers. Tapping into the fervour, brands everywhere are using Game of Thrones references as marketing strategies – for instance, Cafe Coffee Day has launched four new drinks as a part of their ‘Winter has Arrived’ campaign.


About Cafe Coffee Day

Launched in 1996 in Bangalore, Cafe Coffee Day is an Indian coffee cafe chain which places an emphasis on great coffee, a relaxing ambience and their catch phrase “a lot can happen over coffee”. Cafe Coffee day, or CCD as it is popularly known now has 1423 cafes spread across 209 cities and towns in India as well as outlets in Austria, the Czech Republic and Malaysia.

Winter Has Arrived at Cafe Coffee Day

CCD has launched four drinks as a part of its Winter has Arrived campaign. First, the Cool Green Punch, which combines green apple and cucumber flavour with sparkling water and ice to create a cool, refreshing drink.


Second is the Watermelon Lychee Punch, which combines watermelon, lychees and sparkling water. Third is the Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie, made with pureed strawberries and a cheese sauce that tops a bed of cookies.


Finally, there’s the Tiramisu Smoothie which combines coffee, cheese sauce and cocoa powder on a sponge cake bed.

Each drink has been specially crafted to beat the heat; why not enjoy one as you discuss the latest GOT episode?