Fratelli Sangiovese Bianco

FRATELLI SANGIOVESE ‘SINGLE VINEYARD’ is another first in India by Fratelli. Created by using grapes from 1 single vineyard, Plot C in Garwar and by selecting patches within the same plot, pruning these plants to reduce yield per acre so that aromas and taste is more complex and elegant. Plot C has been selected for its soil composition, mixed with rock and sand, a perfect composition to let plants absorb mineral components and remain fresh due to high drainage of sandy soils making our Sangiovese grapes perfect to make a Burgundy style Sangiovese. Keeping in mind Finesse, Elegance and Complexity, which define FRATELLI SANGIOVESE, our vinification technique is made with low extraction in order to obtain more refined and elegant aromas and flavors. After alcoholic fermentation is over, the wine is then transferred in new French oak barrels to make the tannins ’rounded’, ‘elegant’ and ‘fine’.

TASTING NOTES: An aromatic wine with nose of raspberries and violets. On the palate, the wine is round and full with lots of young fruit character coupled with silky tannins that makes the wine very attractive.


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