Arnaldo Caprai Grechetto Colli Martani Grecante


More usually seen in Orvieto, the Grechetto grape is often blended with other grapes to provide structure and nuttiness. This wine is produced in Umbria from 100% Grechetto to make this Colli Martani DOC – and it is a great example, coming from Arnaldo Caprai, considered to be one of the top Grechetto producers.

This is a complex wine despite being unoaked; lots of fruit aromas and flavours combine with minerality. On the nose the minerality is evident as the smell of wet pebbles but the citrus and more exotic fruit aromas dominate. There are citrus, nectarine and peach flavours on the palate with a hint of almond. We were tempted to classify this as an Aromatic wine because of all those fruit flavours but in the end decided to go with Crisp Light White as the overriding feature of this wine is its crisp and refreshing acidity – read our blog on acidity in wine for more information. It is a medium-bodied wine with substance and a long flavoursome finish.


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