Wine Dispenser ‘Somm’ Takes Kickstarter by Storm

Remember the beer dispenser, coined “The Kuerig for Craft Beer”, that we couldn’t stop raving about. Yes, you remember that. Well, the company behind that revolutionary machine, SYNEK is now launching ‘Somm’, the world’s first intelligent wine dispenser system. 

Somm isn’t just a plain old wine dispensary. no sir, the system actually learns what wines you prefer and pours them perfectly on your kitchen countertop. 


It’s the first smart wine dispenser that learns each wine lover’s habits and orders personalized, sommelier-approved wines delivered directly to their door. Somm also auto-adjusts its temperature and aeration settings for each unique wine to produce the perfect pour every time. Its proprietary delivery system costs 70% less than bottles and never exposes wine to the elements, so wine virtually never goes bad.    

Founder of SYNEK, Steve Young said, “We made a big splash on the beer side of things (and we continue to grow), but I think Somm could have an even larger and more immediate impact on wine. There hasn’t been significant innovation in this industry in decades and consumers are demanding it. We believe technology can make a positive impact without compromising the tradition of winemaking and consuming.  We see it as the natural first step for those new to or overwhelmed by wine.  Further, once sommeliers see the effectiveness of Somm, I think they’ll see it as the natural next step for the industry.”

Kickstarter campaign 

Somm launched on Kickstarter on April 7th and made a splash. Less than 15 hours after tis launch, Somm reached its Kickstarter goal of $100,000 and it counties to grow. 

Watch their Kickstarter video below.