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Wine and Cheese in love at Mumbai


It’s the valentine month, the time of the year when love is in the air across the globe. There has been no love affair to match the one that is of wine and cheese in the world of food. Foodhall is celebrating with their Wine and Cheese Festival for the entire month of February. Come celebrate with your loved ones this joyous love affair of this eternal gastronomic couple.

Foodhall has on offer the very best of quality wine and cheese from all over the world “From Gouda with Merlot and Parmesan to Chianti to Double Gloucester with Zinfandel wine” and many others. Discover rare pairings of wine and cheese with Foodhall this month with their wide array of assortments to choose from.

The event kicked off on the 18th and occurs daily from 10.30 am to 10.30 pm at the Palladium Mall, S B Road, Lower Parel, Mumbai. Indulge your senses in their new range of bakery and patisserie products such as the Cheddar Cheese scones, Sundried tomato and feta baguette, cheesecake, Apricot and Prune cheesecake Souffle, Lemon ricotta Cheesecake. Fresh baked cheesecakes, heart shaped cookies and macaroons are some of the other items that will steal your heart.

The live kitchen assures you amazing cheese and wine infusions and cheesy dips like Blue Cheese dip to Cracked Pink Peppercorn & Chive Cream Cheese dip that will make your toes curl. So come soak in the spirit of love with all that is wine and cheese and everything in between that Foodhall has to offer.