Wildly Grown Fruit Forest : Bringing in a New Food Concept This World Environment Day

If you have been to Kerala, Cochin specifically, someone would have recommended that you go to a restaurant called Primate. It is India’s first raw food restaurant. Just a year after its opening, owner  Eldho Pachilakadan has come up with a brilliant new concept. He has made plans to execute the creation of a ‘wildly grown fruit forest’. This is to encourage folks to re connect with nature and live off foraging from their surroundings. Defining this a a nature monastery where people can come and experience the beauty of wild foods, Eldho says “The thought occurred to me during one of my projects in the Western Ghats, as a part of Travancore Natural History Society,”

The idea lead him to buy a 40-acre farm in Senapati Panchayat, Idukki (in 2010)“I wanted nature to reclaim this land which was laden with pesticides from previous farming routines practised in the region. The process took seven years! Now that the coast is clear, we’re adopting a wild farming method to fill the area with fruit trees like oranges and rambutan,” he explained.

Heaven on Earth

Wildly Grown Fruit Forest : Bringing in a New Food Concept This World Environment Day

‘Swarggamedu’ (heavenly abode)  is all set to open to the public on June 5 (World Environment Day) for a planting spree.

Over 500 varieties of fruit trees are being brought into Idukki this week. Swarggamedu is situated at an approximate height of 900 meters above sea level and is a gorgeous location. “I don’t believe in killing any organisms. Using an organic pesticide, instead of a chemical one, doesn’t justify the action. Each of these microorganisms serve a purpose in nature,” adds the enthusiastic Eldho.

Working along with him are a group of fruitarians who know the best ways to care for the saplings.

Swarggamedu is a three-hour-long drive from Kochi via NH85 (132 km). Enjoy the gorgeous view with some light trekking and discussions about  sustainable wild farming practices.

There are two fully-equipped tents on the property which can accommodate up to 10 people. Food and beverages are available
on request.

Stay from `1,000 onwards
Details: 9961809605