This Wiener Drone Will Deliver Hot Dogs Straight To Your Hand

In case you missed it, the hot dog is very phallic shaped food that people often refer to as wieners (so original *eye roll*). Oscar Mayer is a pretty famous hot dog company in the States and started off with wiener shaped cars – known as the Wienermobiles, which all combined give you the – wait for it – Wiener Fleet. However, it is 2017 (cue the futuristic music) hence nothing would cut it but the Wiener Drone!

However, what is ironic is that Oscar Mayer is dropping the Wiener Drone – which delivers one hot dog to a happy recipient by way of drone, in case you didn’t get it – and the Wiener Cycle. The Wiener Cycle is a three wheeled moped equipped with a hot dog warming side car (millennials – other than hipsters you may need to google side car).

Although millennials may find the Wiener Cycle interesting (I mean, I bet a ton of them have never seen a side car before) the centre of attraction would be the Wiener Drone. Shooting along like a horribly loud bee on steroids to stranded consumers who need it the most (and by stranded consumers I mean possibly someone who doesn’t like long lines).

Regardless of anything else, this really does confirm it, we’re living in an age that Doc and Marty could never imagine!