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Why Is Nigella Lawson At The Brunt Of A Twitter Backlash?


From having published several cook books, to having hosted a variety of cooking shows and inspiring thousands across the globe, Nigella Lawson’s career is truly nothing to sneeze at. However, in her latest show Simply Nigella, she’s raised the hackles of many viewers who have taken to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction.

Simply Nigella

Simply Nigella was launched on BBC 2 in autumn this year. In it, Lawson tries to show viewers how to cook simple dishes, with unfussy ingredients. Lawson explored favourite comfort food recipes that are homely and family oriented.


So far, there have been a couple of episodes of Simply Nigella; the first in which she features avocado on toast, the second in which she features her take on the traditional Caesar salad and the third in which she cooks oat pancakes.

Social Media Backlash

Despite Lawson’s ‘simple’ approach being made clear, many viewers have been left unimpressed by the recipes which are ‘mind-numbingly’ simple. In one episode, for instance Lawson places avocado on toast and tops it with lime, chili flakes, dill, ginger and radishes. Here was Twitter’s reaction:

Meanwhile  in a more recent episode she stuck some lettuce in the oven and roasted it to make her ‘spin’ on a Caesar salad. Reactions to that were similarly unamused:

Viewers have also had a problem with what Lawson considers ‘everyday’ ingredients:

Viewers are also having a ball poking fun at  her extensive use of vocabulary and detailed descriptions of how she’s treating the food:

After reading all this do you feel some sympathy for Nigella? Or will you be steering clear of her show? Either way, we think she needs to step up her game or face even more wrath.