Why Did Himesh Reshammiya Break His Alcohol-Abstinence Vow For ‘Teraa Surroor’?

This Friday Himesh Reshammiya hit multiplexes across India with his action drama Teraa Surroor, which also happens to be a sequel to his 2007 flick Aap Ka Surroor. 

For those who are even remotely up to date with Bollywood and its players, Himesh Reshammiya’s six-pack feat is not alien and hence it isn’t a shocker that the actor-singer-composer (not even exaggerating) refrains from the bottled djinns. But surprisingly for his latest release, Reshammiya sipped on some poison. Here’s why.

“I don’t drink but I had to take brandy to shoot for a particular sequence. It was very cold and we were wearing thin clothes. The alcohol hit me and I shot in an intoxicated condition. That was really memorable,” he explained.Himesh Xpose

Considering the film is shot in the picturesque town of Dublin, Ireland, we’ll buy the reason (or excuse, however you may see it) as the city does experience a fair share of frozen mercury.

Teraa Surroor has Himesh in the lead role opposite debutant Farah Karimaee, Naseeruddin Shah and Shekhar Kapur among others. Directed by Shawn Arranha, the movie hit theatres on March 11.


Will this major sacrifice by the lead rope in the numbers and praises? Here’s a hint, this is how you might feel after the movie. Just saying.Teraa Surroor Trailer (6)