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Why the Cheeseburger Burrito or Burgrito Is The Saviour The World Needs.


We’ve all experienced the absolutely horrific dilemma of trying to choose between two items on a menu. Why don’t you just pick both you say? (hint: I do, it’s called a meal with your boyfriend. Jk.) I say waste not, want not (translation: I’m poor). But what if, just what if you solve this pickle while still being able to get both options? Burgrito’s is here solve some of your food woes, while simultaneously making the world a better place, with their cheeseburger burrito.

Burgrito’s, a New-York-based restaurant that brought this delight into the world in 2016  debuted this mashup of American and Mexican cuisines in the form of the “burgrito.” I honestly think it’s quite catchy. Also, it’s not one of those bizarro combinations that I can rarely seem to get behindyou know, weird food, just for the sake of it being weird food. It looks – dare I say it – mouth watering.

I love burritos and I love hamburgers, so really what could go wrong? The cheeseburger burrito contains – hamburger meat, tomato, bacon, lettuce, onion, cheese, chipotle sauce, and french fries, which is everything we never knew we always wanted (you can quote me on that).

Also, another absolutely amazing food problem solved is the lack of the drip and the trauma of the mess (read: your favorite toppings falling out). As burgritos are wrapped up in a tortilla, they totally quash the all-too-familiar issue of burger grease dripping on your clothes every time you take a bite. Knowing me, I’ll still probably find some way to spill on myself (and my parents think I’m a quitter!) but it would definitely make it more difficult. Plus,

In addition to this, Burgrito’s even offers a vegan-friendly option that swaps in a veggie burger, so everyone can get in on the action. Now that’s some real inclusivity! Also, hello! Did no one get the (not so) subtle symbolism of how America and Mexico, together, produced the most amazing hybrid? Sniff, Burgrito’s you’re making the world a better place. Kendall Jenner’s got nothing on you and you can quote me on that too!


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