Who’s Ready For Veganuary This New Year?

The beginning of something new is always exciting. Getting your New Year resolutions list ready? Looking for ways to improve your health or help the environment or bring happiness to other fellow beings? This is a one step solution that will help you achieve all. You might want to pause, think and add to Veganuary to the list. 


What is Veganuary? 


Veganuary. Sounds familiar, right? Almost there but can’t seem to make the connection? Your  guesses are right (unless you didn’t come up with anything dumb) it is about veganism. It is for all vegans, all those who are planning to take up veganism next year, all those who are on the verge of planning and the rest. Especially the rest. This global campaign was launched to encourage people top take up veganism as a part of their lifestyle to reduce the suffering of animals, improve your health and that of the planet’s. This organisation was started in the year 2014 by Jane Land and Matthew Glover from UK who have started a dedicated site called veganuary.com which not only encourages but also helps people continue veganism by providing information, recipes, health advice from experts on a single platform.


The Name


The word Veganuary(pronounced as Vee-gan-uary) is a combination of two words Vegan and January. The main motive is to simulate that feeling of a ‘New beginning’. And what better time to start something new than the beginning of a new year? Hence the name, Veganuary. 


What’s the deal?


Many of us have heard about veganism but most of it from the wrong side of the sources. This has given rise to so many myths and misunderstandings. The myths  spread faster than the truth itself and this has created a world full of misunderstood people living by the myths. This campaign was created especially to clear up the air. 

Veganism is a concept developed to reduce the animal suffering and cruelty. This has been proven to improve the personal health would be a huge step towards controlling the damage towards the environment. Veganism can be treated a simple reminder of our humane nature which we seem to have forgotten along the way. 

It is not only about ending the cruelty towards the animal people. Living in a society where millions die of obesity risk driven diseases, it encourages us to adapt a healthier style of living. The meat industry also contributes to pollution. 

The website helps you find out where to buy what products so that you don’t miss out on the health part while helping. It lists various products and places where to find them. 


What does signing up mean?


Signing up to this campaign will mean that Veganuary will try their best to help you by keeping you in the loop about all the developments in the vegan world. You can try veganism for a month and then continue if you feel the difference. However, signing does not mean that you will to miss out on all your favorites like Cheese, Bacon, etc. The whole idea of vegan menus is to recreate the flavors and make it tasty as possible.


How do I start?

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Log into their official website, register yourself and  sign up today! Take one step towards making a difference this new year. 

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