Whoppers and a Spa Experience Now Available in Burger King Finland

Sweat it out with the King

A Burger King in Finland just opened a sauna where guests can order in meals from the restaurant.

And it’s not just a regular sauna, because what would be the point of that? The Helsinki location features a full-service 15-person sauna, a laundry room, toilet, a dressing room, and a media lounge. The sauna, which is the work of a prominent Finnish designer, Teuvo Lomanin, is equipped with a big-screen TV and audio system, as well as a Playstation 4. 


You can do all of this and still have access to their full menu to order from. And this specific Burger King can accommodate groups, parties, and more in this sauna setup, and the BK Sauna is even outfitted with branded towels and robes.

Obviously it’s not cheap, amounting to $284 (€250) for a 3-hour visit.

Images Credit: Restel/Facebook