Enjoy Wholesome Meals At Shiro By Exploring the ‘Ramen & Sushi Trails’

Explore the culinary gems of Japanese cuisine as leading Pan Asian restaurant – Shiro brings to you ‘Ramen and Sushi Trails’ this March. With an array of intricately handcrafted sushi and ramen, the restaurant is celebrating the culture of the ‘Land Of The Rising Sun’ between 15th March’18 to 30th April’ 18.

Curated by Chef Rahul Hajarnavis, the limited time festival aims at appeasing the taste buds of patrons with a fine Asian palate. The menu has been specially designed bearing in mind the evolving inclination of the guests towards healthy yet delicious dining. The offerings are sure to delight you with a gush of vivid flavors of Ramen with mushrooms, tofu and assorted proteins and seafood with the wholeness of wheat noodles blended with exotic flavored broths to satisfy your cravings and soothe your senses. While the menu will have a gamut of tantalizing non vegetarian options, the culinary craftsmen have woven together a slate of meatless selections for vegetarian patrons as well.

Enjoy Wholesome Meals At Shiro By Exploring the 'Ramen & Sushi Trails'

‘Ramen and Sushi Trails’ will boast of plethora of must try delights such as the Spicy Shoyu Mushroom Ramen with assorted mushrooms, truffle flavoured broth and light wheat noodles, Korean Kimchi Tofu/Chicken/Pork Belly Ramen, a delectable Korean kimchi spiced broth with a choice of protein and light wheat noodles or the Veg Kakiage Ramen.

Sea food lovers can gorge on the Sriracha Seafood Samurai Ramen or the Miso Tempura Prawn with miso-soy flavoured broth and tempura fried prawn. Shiro will also be serving the Spicy Chicken Laksa Ramen, a heart-warming tamarind – coconut flavoured spicy laksa broth with grilled chicken and light wheat noodles. It provides a great alternative to weight watchers as the ramen is usually loaded with oodles of proteins, veggies and light broths.

Enjoy Wholesome Meals At Shiro By Exploring the 'Ramen & Sushi Trails'

Recognized for some of the most authentic Sushis and Makis, the luxury dining will have highlights like Crispy Sweet Potato Tempura Maki with spicy Japanese Mayo and Asian Barbeque Scottish Salmon Sushi with barbeque glazed grilled salmon served on top of vinegared Japanese rice balls feature in its kitchen. Truffle lovers can gorge on offerings like Truffled Mushrooms & Cream Cheese Maki with Philadelphia cheese and crunchy cucumber. Gigantic eaters can relish to their heart’s content with limitless portions of dishes like Seared Ponzu Tuna Sushi with Beetroot Relish and the Rock Shrimp Tempura Maki with Sriracha Honey Mayo, a traditional Maki roll with Nori Seaweed. Further enriching the experience of Japanese dining, Shiro will also be offering some refreshing concoctions like Yuzu Sweetheart and Guava and Coconut Mojito among others.

Enjoy Wholesome Meals At Shiro By Exploring the 'Ramen & Sushi Trails'

Commenting on the newly launched festival Chef Rahul Hajarnavis, Associate Director Culinary at Shiro said, “We take great pride in bringing out the best of Asian tastes and flavors to our guests and are very excited to be presenting the Ramen and Sushi Trails. We have retained the art of authentic Japanese cooking and techniques while playing with contemporary combinations. We have tried to create some unique flavors with this festival especially for foodies who are constantly on the hunt for some world class Japanese cuisine in the city”.

So indulge into an extravaganza of Japanese wonders at your own soil as you discover the culinary marvels of Japan in your neighborhood this season.

What: Ramen and Sushi Trails at Shiro

When: 15th March 2018 – 30th April 2018

Where: Shiro, UB City

For Reservations: Call -080 41738861/64 & 7259021119.