Whole Foods Now Sells Boozy Milkshakes!


Yes, you read that right! Whole Foods is now selling boozy milkshakes and your shopping trips just got a whole lot better! PopSugar reporter – Victoria Messina was hurrying to work when she discovered a sign advertising boozy milkshakes and upon further research, she found out that N4, a restaurant on the lower level of the Whole Foods store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, did, in fact, sell the alcoholic beverages!

Here’s the Scoop

But that’s not all, she also discovered that various other Whole Foods stores across the States have their own trendy tap rooms, each with unique craft beer and culinary offerings, the Whole Foods employee told me. For example, The Roof, a rooftop taproom at the store in Gowanus, Brooklyn, had frozen Rosé on the menu this Summer, and the newly opened Whole Foods in Buffalo, NY, also offers an array of boozy shakes, like this Reese’s-topped beauty.

So, if there’s a Whole Foods store near you, give them a call to find out if they have boozy milkshakes on the menu in order to get in on the delicious fun!