January 4, 2017
Hemu Sharma (1 article)

Who Said Truffle Cake Isn’t Good For Health!

Anything tastes perfect if it is made of chocolate. But thinking about their unhealthy impacts, killing your chocolate cravings is something you do almost every day. You won’t have to do that anymore because chocolate is never a problem, it’s a solution!

With the myriad of benefits that a chocolate truffle contains, you can guiltlessly indulge in the rich taste with no one to question your unhealthy diet.

Sit back on your couch with a plateful of truffles and read on what all good it is doing to your body.

1. Cardio Strength
Having one or two servings of dark chocolate weekly cuts the risk of heart failures and strokes by 39%. The blood thinning properties helps to make the arteries and veins flexible promoting a healthy circulation of blood. A study shows that consuming chocolates 5 times a week reduces cardiovascular diseases by 57%.

2. Sun Protection
According to studies, people who regularly consume truffles or chocolate in any form enjoy sun protection for twice the time unlike the ones who do not consume it. But the similar benefits are not spoken about for low flavonol milk chocolates. It’s the dark chocolate truffle that ensures such benefits.

3. Stress Relief
Dark chocolate improves how we respond to stress. Stress hormones are significantly reduced if dark chocolate truffles are eaten everyday for two weeks. The overactive nerves get suppressed by eating around 45 grams of truffles per day. Therefore, truffles rich in flavonols are a healthy food choice.

4. Fitness Friend
You read that right! Chocolate Truffles are your fitness friend. Eating dark chocolate truffles in control won’t harm your diet. How? It does so by reducing your cravings for sweet, unhealthy food. For those who worry about sugar consumption, very dark chocolate truffles reduce appetite by toning down the hunger hormone.

5. Brain Function
There’s still another benefit of a dark chocolate truffle. A high-flavonol truffle increases blood flow to the brain. The cocoa content does many benefits like verbal fluency and reduction of risk factors of various diseases. This, in the end, boosts the brain function the short term on regular consumption.

The benefits are abundant. One important benefit is its awesome taste! But consuming anything in the right amount is what that counts. Overindulging on this treat is, however, going to show you some adverse effects.

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Hemu Sharma

Hemu Sharma