White Castle Takes On McDonald’s With Its Crab Cake Sliders

Popular fast food chain, White Castle – famous for its role in ‘Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle’ – has just introduced crab cake sliders. The chain has recently been grabbing headlines both for the launch of the sliders as well as the cheeky way it chose to market the burgers; taking on fast food giant, McDonald’s who is also testing a crab sandwich.


The New Crab Cake Slider

White Castle’s Seafood Crab Cake Slider is made by topping crab cakes with creole sauce enfolded in a slider bun.


The crab cake sliders will be available for a limited time at all White Castle stores.

White Castle Takes On McDonald’s

In early February, McDonald’s began testing a Snow Crab sandwich at select locations in Sand Francisco; a sandwich made by blending snow crab with mayonnaise, celery and romaine lettuce in a sour dough bun.


However, since the crab sandwiches were only available in select locations, White Castle took out a full page ad in the Chicago Tribute to invite McDonald’s corporate staff to enjoy a crab burger at a White Castle Location instead.

We have it at a restaurant like 4.9 miles from their doorstep,” said Jamie Richardson, vice president at White Castle.

To make things even more enticing, White Castle announced that if 50 McDonald’s employees showed up, it would donate $10,000 Ronald McDonald House Charities.