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Whisky Me Mails Out Capri Sun Style Pouches Of Whisky For The Single Malt Lover


If you’re one of those people who has always wanted to be a whisky drinker, but found the prospect of ordering a good single malt daunting then Whisky Me has got you covered. The owners of Black Rock, a whisky bar based in London created the Whisky Me, a subscription that mails out a different whisky every month, so you can try new and rare bottlings one drink at a time.

Black Rock owners Tristan Stephenson and Thomas Aske plan to simplify the whole whisky experience so that even an inexperienced whisky drinker can get the full experience. At their bar, they categorise their whiskies both by price and by flavor profile to make it easier for the newbies.

With Whisky Me, they mail out drams in plastic pouches—similar to a disposable flask or boozy Capri Sun, minus the straw—and provide drinkers with “simple, useful explanations of what [they’re] drinking.” The pouches are thin enough to be popped right through a mail slot, so they can be delivered with no signature necessary.

A yearly subscription costs about 84 pounds. Unfortunately, it’s only available in the UK currently, but hopefully, whisky subscriptions should become more mainstream soon so we can sign up here in India asap.

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