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This Whiskey Ad Is Proof That Charisma Runs In Drake’s Family


Musician and pop icon Drake, in addition to making some amazing food-tapping chartbusting tunes, also has his money invested in the food and beverage industry. The Canadian rapper has not only looking to start his very own restaurant brand but also recently launched his bourbon-based whiskey label, Virginia Black.


Who’s Your Daddy?

In a move to promote Virginia Black Whiskey, Drake and daddy Dennis Graham, who is also a known musician, came together to shoot a totally dapper, and borderline adorable, ad campaign for the alcohol.

In the commercial, Drake can be seen decked in a sharp black ensemble, sipping from his glass of Virginia Black, looking too suave to be true, when he spots a woman dancing right across from him at the party. The two walk towards each other, as they probably wanted a One Dance. However, the woman walks right past Drake only to meet Dennis Graham, who greets his surprised son with a calm “Hey son. Hold my drink”. The ad ends with Drake holding two glasses of VB at the party alone and Graham walking away with the lady. Not without throwing a sarcastic “nice turtleneck” in his son’s face.

The video ad has successfully portrayed that while Drake might be smooth with the ladies (and maybe even turtlenecks), it only gets better with age, as papa Graham – with a splash of Virginia Black – is better. Watch the complete ad commercial below.

Moreover, getting his father to exhibit the Virginia Black charm may well be an excellent move on Drake and his marketing team’s end as it sure has got us engaged! And it would be safe to say that the video has created quite a stir about the new whiskey label on the market.


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