Which One’s Your Momo Sidekick? #POLL

Indian street food sees a rainbow of desi, international, and international-turned-desi offerings (yes, we are totally looking at you “hakka noodles”). One such widely-consumed street that falls in the third category is momos. The Tibetan food, which is also consumed on a large scale in North-Eastern India, has made its way to the thriving street food markets of the country. With a few tweaks in size and stuffing here and there.

The steamed Tibetan dumpling is served with a side of fiery hot and vibrant red chilli chutney that can put the most tolerant of palates on fire. But for the more faint-hearted, there is a milder sauce to dip the momo in – the mighty mayonnaise. Cringe as you may, there is something really satisfying about that steamed dumpling and mayo combo. Don’t you think so? Or are you a pro-red chutney momo lover? Vote for your favourite chutney below and let us know!