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Which Is The Healthiest Kind Of Oat?


There are four types of oats – Steel Cut, Rolled, Quick Cooking and Instant oats.

1.Steel Cut

These are the least processed oats. Steel cut oats come from the oat kernel and have simply been chopped into large pieces. They usually take 20 minutes to cook.

2.Rolled Oats

These are the second least processed oats. Basically, the whole oat grains are taken and steamed and then rolled out into flakes. These take about 10 minutes to cook.

3.Quick Cooking Oats

Quick-cooking rolled oats are the same as regular rolled oats, except they have been steamed for longer and tend to be in slightly smaller pieces. These take 5 minutes to cook.

4.Instant Oats

These are the highly processed oats. Most of the fibre, minerals and nutrients have been removed during processing. These, of course, are the quickest to cook.

So which one should you eat? Obviously, the less processing something goes through, the more nutrients it has. We suggest you avoid buying instant oats as these undergo processing that removes the majority of the goodness. What oats do you personally prefer? Tell us in the comments below!