Which 90s Candy Was (Or Is) Your Favourite? #POLL

To each, their own childhood memories and times are the best, but let’s just collectively agree that the 90s were the best time to grow up. It was a revolutionary time when we were making a shift to fancy big television sets, enjoying a pleasant influx of star-studded cola commercials, and getting ourselves accustomed to writing Y2K. All this while enjoying some of the best chocolates and candies that the Indian market has seen. No, seriously, who even came up with the mind-blowing idea of manufacturing delicious sugar cigarettes, pan-flavored candies, and digestive candies that took school kids by storm?

Two decades on, while most of these “90s candies” like the electrifyingly sour Googly have become mere vintage memories or black and white images on the Internet, we do still have a bunch of them that are going strong even today like good ol’ Mango Bite. But if given the chance which of these popular 90s confectionaries would you stock up on? Vote and let us know!

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