Where’s A Girl’s Place?: O.R.B Takes Over Khar Social

A girl’s place is…wherever she wants it to be! With women facing increasing difficulty in accessing public spaces, your favorite neighbourhood bar/cafe, #SOCIAL, has teamed up with O.R.B, a change-making platform aimed towards the youth, to kick start the conversation!

Parks, public spaces, streets and even the digital world are spaces where women still cannot move freely. So, on Sunday, April 21st, O.R.B will be staging a takeover at Khar Social with a number of events aimed at creating a discussion around how women can reclaim public spaces!

The day will start off with a Girls’ Skate Clinic conducted by Russell Lopez, Khar Social’s resident skate expert! A true-blue veteran of the scene, Russell will be on hand to help newbies and skaters get gnarly at the skatepark, and give them tips on how to navigate the skate space.P.S. come try by, skateboards will be provided.

Where’s A Girl’s Place?: O.R.B Takes Over Khar Social

Theatre veteran and the Patchwork Ensemble co-founder Sheena Khalid will be performing ‘The Digital As a Public Space’, a spoken word theatre piece about being a woman in the wide, wonderful world of the Internet with all its freedom – and all its trolling, of course! Performed by three actors and with comments crowdsourced from women, this promises to capture the unique experience of women in the digital space.

And of course, girls just wanna have fun, so the night will wind down with a killer DJ set by Anushka M, #boss photographer and DJ! Going heavy on the bass, the dance floor will transform into a safe space for everyone to let down their hair and groove through the night!

So girls (and guys), come on down – it’s time to reclaim and show the world that we know our place! 😉

Date: Sunday 21st April 2019  Time: 4 – 10 pm

Entry: Free

Contact:075063 94243  

Venue: Khar Social, Rohan Plaza, 5th Road, Ram Krishna Nagar, Ram Krishna Nagar, Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400052