When Buzzfeed Added A Shot Of Vodka To Your Childhood

No, we’re not starting a hate petition against Buzzfeed. Where will we get crazy ideas to get drunk otherwise?

Remember those gummy bears? Yes those wriggly little bears that were a dentist’s nightmare and your dream come true. Well, the Buzzfeed team just found the most alcoholic way possible to eat them. This is, of course, when you are of a legal drinking age. Say hello to Alcoholic Gummy Bear Jell-O Shots. The shots contain as much sugar and are as alcoholic as the name suggests. Here’s how you can turn douse your bears in vodka.


Now, once you’re over and done with those gummy shots take a pack of Oreos and get drunk! Get your friends to think how nerdy you are to be serving Oreos at a party, until they actually twist, lick and dunk get drunk on the cookies. Watch and learn!