Whatsapp Your Orders For Organic Vegetables And Fruits To This Venture In Mumbai

The hunt for good produce in a city is something many a chef and home cook would bemoan. However, over the past couple of years, several services have sprung up which make it extremely convenient to get your weekly supply of organic fruits, veggies and grains in Mumbai.

One such service is the aptly named ‘The Farmer’, a family run venture which delivers produced sourced from a farm in Karjat across Mumbai.

The Farmer: The Origins

Rajendra and Leena Thakkar started the Karjat Farm in 1992 and immediately took steps to ensure that it would operate completely organically. So, the farm uses no chemical fertilisers or pesticides and operates in a pollution free environment; there’s no industry within a radius of 35 kilometres. Notably, the farm hosts 50 free roaming Gir cows which supply milk as well as manure which is used for the farm’s natural fertiliser.

Last year, it began as a delivery service which would allow customers to order a range of produce directly from the farm.

What’s Growing

During each season, the farm grows a range of fruits, vegetables, herbs and grains,. These include cape gooseberries, mulberries, broccoli, celery, yams, beetroots and aloe vera leaves.

As well as being ordered by households across Mumbai, The Farmer’s produce is used in the Birdsong Cafe and The Village Shop.

To get some yourself, you can fill your (virtual) cart online, or simply Whatsapp the service on 9833907750. Why not whip up your Sunday brunch with farm-fresh ingredients?


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