What’s Your All-Time Favourite Food Combo? #POLL

Partnerships are important. In fact, there are very few things and people that can exist independently. Whether it’s human beings, animals, games, clothes, gadgets, or even food, more often than not a duo is always better than a single. For example, a shirt without its trouser, a mobile without its charger, or a bat without its ball – all incomplete. So now that we have well established the importance of combinations and partnerships, let us talk about food combos.

Food combos stem a lot from an individuals taste preferences, a particular cuisine, et all. but despite all the categorizations there exist certain food combinations that are loved universally – like milk and cookies, bacon and eggs, spaghetti and meatballs, or even pancakes and syrup. Not only do the foods in these combos complete each other, but they also make the entire package a yummier deal. So, which of these popular food duos do you swear by? Vote for you favourite!