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What’s The Best Summer Food To Beat The Heat? #POLL


As if the scorching Sun, sweaty forehead, prickly heat talcum powder commercials, and blasting air conditioner weren’t cues enough, here’s another reminder that Summer is finally here (unless you’re in the Western hemisphere, in which case you can come back to this post in a few days). And while all the linens clothing, talcum powders, and ACs in the world can keep you comfortable on the outside what also matters equally is that you remain cool on the inside.

Enter, summer food and drinks. Now, we already know what y’all prefer to drink on hot sunny days and which berries catch your fancy the most, so here’s another question: what do you usually eat to keep your insides from melting? That is, what is your favorite summer food(s)? Do you like to keep it healthy with melons and greens or do you indulge every once in a while with some sweet frozen yogurt and ice cream? Vote below and let us know!

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