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What’s Your Take On This Peas & Mayonnaise Pizza? #POLL


As delicious and vital to human existence as it is, pizza is also a topic for major debate. The most common one being the pineapple pizza, which even the President of Iceland condemns. But believe it or not, there now exists a pizza that will actually force you to believe that the pineapple pizza is better! Behold, the pea & mayonnaise pizza!

That’s okay, we’ll give you a moment to gag.

Posted on Twitter by a user handle by the name of @FOX152 posted a picture of a vibrant looking cheesy pie, which on closer look revealed peas and mayonnaise! Clearly a fan of the combination, the user even captioned the picture with the words, “Peas and mayonnaise pizza?! Yes please.” Of course, Twitter did not take this sitting down. Twitteratis had all kinds of reactions to the offbeat pizza topping. Take a look:

That said, the picture has also received a lot of likes, which says a lot about our pizza choices as an intelligent species. But what do you think? Would you try this peas and mayonnaise pizza? Vote below and let us know!

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