What’s Your Preferred Sugar Substitute Brand? #POLL

Close up of sugar and sweetener packets

Just in case the dozens of campaigns and health ambassadors haven’t made it clear enough, processed sugar isn’t exactly a tonic for your health. That said, it is next to impossible to eliminate the food from your diet, which is why most of us turn to the next best alternative – sugar substitutes. Now, it’s not enough to ask the barista for a sugar substitute (in fact, if you do so, they just may not add any sweetener at all). Hello, capitalism. What we’re trying to say is, brands.

Every possible edible and drinkable out there is sub-divided into brands. And we’ve established this before that we all have our preferences when it comes to picking brands – whether it’s tea, coffee, or even donuts, we all have favourites. So, what is your preferred name when it comes to sugar substitutes? Do you ask the barista for a Sugar Free, Splenda, or a Sweet ‘N Low? Vote below and let us know.

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