What’s Your Preferred Choice of Cooking Oil? #POLL

There is a lot – apart from time, patience, and love – that goes into cooking healthy and delicious food. The ingredient list for every main dish, side dish, dessert, and snack boasts of a number of raw materials – unless you’re making Maggi – of which, a few are the basics that can be seen in almost every recipe. For example, salt, pepper, and oil. Oil usually comes off as something that should be avoided because, fats. Ew. But here’s the deal, every oil has a different set of benefits, most of which are good, by the way.

Anyway, picking the right cooking oil is essential and if you’ve spent enough time in the kitchen, you would most probably have a favourite or a kind that you use the most. From super healthy nutrient rich options like flaxseed oil and olive oil to the oils that may not score a 100 on the health chart but are delicious nonetheless like coconut oil, ghee, and sunflower oil. So, which of these common cooking oils do you use the most while cooking?