What’s Your Go-To Breakfast Combination? #POLL

It has been successfully established that breakfast is vital for a healthy existence. Of course, we tend to stray towards the unhealthy but the fact remains that a sumptuous breakfast is the best way to start off your day. And no, coffee is not breakfast. Anyhoo, since the meal is so important, it is a given that its contents must also be appealing to the mind, eyes, body, and palate. And while there are a number of breakfast meals and food combos that are had all over the world, there are a few that remain classics and are a regular in almost every household.

We’ve picked ten standard breakfast combinations that are relished heartily across the globe. These contain classic American to traditional Indian pairings that are usually a part of every breakfast buffet spread. Take a look and vote for the breakfast combination that appeals to you the most, or the combination that you eat most often.


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