What’s for lunch reviews ‘Redfork’.
November 4, 2017
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What’s for lunch reviews ‘Redfork’.

Red Fork in Indiranagar, Bangalore has been on my must visit since a long time, and I finally made lunch plans for a lazy Sunday. The restaurant serves Parsi cuisine. The place gives a very homely vibe, with posters and paintings adorning the walls and other knick knacks adding to the ambience. They are known for an evolving menu, which is written on the blackboard – very old school!

Chicken cutlet

For appetizers we ordered Chicken Cutlet With Chatoli (Rs.250) and Paneer Akuri On Toast (Rs.200). The minced chicken cutlets were deep fried and served along with mint coriander chutney which complemented the cutlets really well. Buttered bread topped with “homemade” paneer bhurji, made of grated paneer and caramelised onions, made our vegetarian choice a delectable appetizer.


Lemonade and chocolate milkshake

We ordered four Chocolate Milkshakes (Rs.150 each), which is one of the best I have had in a long time, along with a Fresh Lime (Rs.90) to beat the heat.

Veg Dhansak

For the mains we ordered Veg Dhansak with Spiced Potato Kebabs served with Kachumber (Rs.325). The dhansak, which could suffice one person, was made up of masoor dal and rice topped with yummy caramelised onions. It was close to the Parsi food I’ve sampled in Mumbai – quite authentic! Kachumber is a salad, a mixture of finely chopped tomatoes and onions, a regular accompaniment with most Indian meals.

Keema Pav

The famous Parsi dish Kheema Pav (Rs.425) was called for the ‘Masahaaari’ folks. The aromatic Indian spices the meat was cooked in and the yummy Aloo Sev as topping (we ordered an extra bowl – it was that good!), made the Kheema a true winner in my books. However you may have to order an extra pav to sop it all up.

Parsi cuisine is under appreviated in this part of the country. If you are curious about it, give this restaurant a try. You will not be disappointed.


Meal For Two: Rs.1200/- after taxes (approx).
Final Verdict: Craving Dhansak? Head here.


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What's For Lunch

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