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What’s Your Favourite Popcorn Flavour? #POLL


It’s Popcorn Day today, and we are super excited! Not just because we get stuff our face with crazy amounts of popcorn – well, majorly because of that – but also because we live in a time where ‘popcorn’ is not simply salted popped corn kernels, but thanks to culinary innovation, there are now a variety of popcorn flavours to pick from!

Companies like Act-II, 4700 BC, Kettle Corn, and the likes have introduced our palate to a range of the popular movie snack that break away from the mundane with flavours like pepper, chili, chocolate, cheese, caramel, and more. And although, there isn’t quite any other popcorn that matches up to the “mundane”, although classic, flavor, we do like a change every now and then? So, which of these is your go-to popcorn flavor?

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