What’s Your Favourite Noodle Dish? #POLL

If anyone said that they did not like the satisfaction provided by the sumptuous slurp of a noodles, they’d be lying. Honestly, there are very few other foods that can be cooked in quite as many ways as noodles, and even less are equally delicious in every form. From the Thai drunken noodles and Indian hakka noodles to the spicy Singapore-style noodles and Burmese Khao Suey, there is a mind-boggling variety to chow down. Also, thanks to immense globalization, noodles have travelled all over the globe are not limited just to Asia, because Italy too has a delicious take with their pasta making techniques. But today let’s shine the spotlight on just the South Asia noodles. So, which of these popular noodle dishes are your absolute favourites? Vote and let us know!

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