What’s Your Favourite Kind Of Soup? #POLL

There are very few cuisines – or even chefs for that matter – in the culinary world who skip soup. The preparation makes for an important part of a meal and sometimes it is the meal. Because we’d be lying if we said that a bowl of piping hot soup doesn’t calm down our mind and palate. Moreover, given the vast variety of soups that can be whipped up, there is one for every occasion! For instance, noodle soup for when you want to kick back in your PJs; some soothing chicken soup to drive away a fever; a bowl of creamy lobster bisque to add some magic to your dinner; or a wholesome portion of Assam Laksa to stuff your belly, the choices are many. And while we love them all, some soups, like most foods, end up being favorites. Which of these are your go-to soups? Vote and let us know!

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