What’s You Favourite Comfort Food? #POLL

Comfort food, as the name suggests, is a category of food items that is either high in sentimental value for the consumer or provides comfort to them for other reasons (like being high in calories). That is true, comfort food are always high on the bad nutrients – think carbs, fats, cholesterol, et al – and scores way up on the calorie counter as well. Also, you may have noticed that whipping up some comfort food will not take more than a few minutes, unless you find comfort in Michelin-starred meals.

Given the fact that comfort foods hold major nostalgic value and in order to provide comfort, they must suit the palate of the consumer as well, there is a set of such foods for every cuisine. You see, everybody needs comfort. And food. But to avoid a clutter (and enlisting over a thousand types of comfort foods), we’ll let you choose from some of the most popular ones out there. Vote for the food that makes you the most comfortable!


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