September 3, 2017
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What’s Your Favorite Movie Time Snack? #POLL

It’s weekend! And one of our favorite things to indulge in on these two golden days of the week is cinema. Be it a movie date, family time followed by dinner or a crazy movie marathon with the squad, weekends without a trip to the nearest theater is near to incomplete.

What’s the one thing that attracts more attention than the movie’s star cast? The refreshments, of course! If the theater does not have a glass container popping popcorns right in front of you, it’s not a movie theater. But movie and popcorn is a combination of the past. Now that we have so many other options like candies, nachos, burgers and sandwiches, which one is your most favourite? Pick and vote below!

Feature Image: ichoosethin

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  1. Rahana
    Rahana September 24, 19:21

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