What’s Your Biggest Cooking Pet Peeve? #POLL

A few days back we conducted a poll on some of the pet peeves we all have while eating food or while simply eating in a group. For example, double dipping, people using their phones in the middle of a meal, chewing sounds, loud eaters, et al. But are pet peeves limited to only the eaters of the dining table? Of course not! Irritating habits can drive anybody up the wall, irrespective of whether they are at the table or at the kitchen. Yes, cooks and chefs can have pet peeves as well!

We dug around a bit, asked a few chefs and put together a list of the most common habits that annoy people while cooking. Here’s a list of some pet peeves that most chefs may harbor in their head. How many of these do you have? Vote and let us know!

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