What’s The Best Thing To Have With Coffee? #POLL

Very few of us can function properly through the day sans caffeine. And more of ten than not, the sacred source of this caffeine is coffee. But what good is a coffee break without anything to eat with the cuppa joe? Unless of course you’re getting your latte made ‘to-go’. In that case too, most of us prefer to pair up the beverage with food to avoid that terrible stomach burn!

Foods that pair perfectly with coffee must not be full-fledged meals but more like a snack, a quick bite, or simply something that keeps the acid reflux at bay. This may include sandwiches, bagels, donuts, cookies, and the like. So, which of the following foodstuffs is a match made in heaven for your cup of coffee? Vote for your favourite and let us know!

Featured Image: HD Nice Wallpaper