What It Would Look Like If McDonalds Advertised Like Apple

Everyone wants an Apple product. Not just because they’re so beautifully shiny but also because of the video ads that display laptops and smart watches in wonderful detail, discussing the origins and parts of each product until you feel like you absolutely must have one.

In the following spoof film, the much loved BuzzFeed video has put together a hilarious ad for McDonald’s; Apple advertising style. We’re introduced to ‘Fri’ which is coated with ‘smart grease’ that allows you to know exactly where the Fri has been and to ‘Nugget’, which is what “happens when machinery meets meat.” Finally, we’re given a glimpse of ‘Mac’, which is an amalgamation of refining and refining and refining ingredients.

Funnily enough, the video does have us craving a Big Mac with some fries. However, unlike an Apple product, we know our craving won’t set us back a couple of hundred (or thousand) dollars. Why not take a look at the video, whet your appetite and have a good laugh in the bargain?