What Is Your Cupcake Personality?

“You’re such a cupcake!”

“Thanks! Which one though?”

“Umm, what?”

Imagine if we had conversations like this! But fortunately or unfortunately we don’t. Anywho, did you know that every choice we make and everything we do is in a way a reflection of our personality? Right from our morning cuppa to our midnight snack, all these food choices speak volumes about us. Here’s what your choice of cupcakes reveal about you.


  1. Vanilla

You are traditional.

Nothing spells out composed and homely more than a vanilla sponge topped with vanilla icing. You like sweet but want to keep it simple.

If you go for a vanilla sponge with chocolate icing, you’re open to leaping before you look, that is, taking risks.white_cupcake


  1. Chocolate

You are intense.

A focused and serious persona, you are also a deep thinker and don’t like joking around at work.

People who prefer a chocolate sponge topped with vanilla, are slightly less intense.Chocolate_cupcakes


  1. Mocha

You are ambitious.

We say ambitious not because you want even your cupcake to keep you alert but simply because caffeine is for the hard working go-getter!exps36509_WTHE1872343D03_05_1bC


  1. Coconut

You are creative.

You are fun and crazy. Not wear a yellow-pant-with-orange-shirt crazy but the artistic sort. You have an unmistakable flair for aesthetics and art.exps36300_RDS2447887A11_02_4b


  1. Red Velvet

You are romantic.

Not only is the red a giveaway of your character, the flavor too with the cream cheese icing unveils the fact that you like to embrace the little moments in life.20090129-eatingaround-450_jpg31


  1. Carrot

You are practical.

Carrot cake lovers are the logical decision makers. Common sense is your forte and there is absolutely zero space for nonsensical jabber in your life.Carrot_Cupcake_055


  1. Peanut Butter Fudge

You are adventurous.

Going for a flavor that is a blend of to such strong condiments proves that you ‘d be more than happy dive head first into unplanned activities without a doubt.11-20-2


  1. Lemon Berry

Your are spunky.

Anything that doesn’t spell out OTT or hits you in the face doesn’t interest you. Your choices are vivacious and eclectic in your choice with dollops of sun.LemonRaspberry


  1. Salted Caramel

You are impulsive.

Your life is a constant fight within your head “salty or sweet, salty or sweet” and then you suddenly end up scoffing down a blend of both!chocolate-cupcakes-salted-caramel-frosting-426x640