What Is The Best Source For Protein?

A lot of people who try to increase their protein intake mistakenly think peanut butter is a good way to do it. While peanut butter does indeed have a considerable amount of protein, you need to consider the other nutrients in it too. For every 50g of peanut butter you would get 12g of protein but also 25g of fat. With those nutrient ratios it’s clear to see that peanut butter is a fat source with some protein (76% of its cals are made up of fat). Not the other way around.

In comparison, a true protein source like chicken breast contains 16g of protein, and only 2g of fat. 78% of its make up consists of protein. If you’re in the vegan camp and are looking to increase your protein intake, you would be better off using lean protein sources like soy or pea protein. Does this mean that the protein from peanut butter is useless? Of course not! It just means that it should be viewed as an excellent fat source with the protein being a bonus


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