What Is the Best Free WiFi App? See Here

Are you tired of roaming around elevating devices in your hand, searching for the Wi-Fi signal? It is no joke that signal fluctuation is frustratingly common when it comes to Wi-Fi. A quintessential reason for such signal changes can be external conditions that you might have no idea about. 

So, how do you solve this problem? The answer is easy: by getting a Wi-Fi Analyzer application on your device! The job of a Wi-Fi analyzer application is to break down important information related to your Wi-Fi signals and place it on your screen in the form of a report. 

Analyzing this result, you can determine which areas have the best signal reception and understand the problems related to low signal strengths. In this article, we will introduce you to a similar app called NetSpot, which enables you to conduct a smart Wireless network survey. Let’s see how you can use this app to resolve all Wi-Fi related issues. 

What Is the Best Free WiFi App? See Here

What Is the NetSpot App?

In technical terms, NetSpot is a wireless monitoring system, including live performance maps, survey reports, and auto-discovery options. Accompanied by a heat map facility and an interference assessor, the application presents a visual display of your area’s signal strength. 

NetSpot helps you boost your connection by conducting analytical site surveys and troubleshooting all kinds of Wi-Fi related issues. It presents you with a detailed report of the current signal strength and how much improvement is needed in the signal strength to get your job done. 

Features of NetSpot

Being an efficient Wi-Fi Analyzer, NetSpot allows users to visualize, manage, troubleshoot, and plan their wireless networks to achieve maximum connectivity. Overall, the application offers tons of amazing features, making it an indispensable Wi-Fi analyzer tool. Let’s take a look at some of these features.

Wi-Fi Scanner

NetSpot acts as an automatic Wi-Fi detector allowing your device to track channel load, detect local access points, scan your Wi-Fi network, and monitor signal leakages. Scansion comes into play while selecting the perfect channel for your network, improving network connection issues.

Wi-Fi Mapper

NetSpot presents a report after mapping your network area for accurate signal propagation. It collects all the useful data around your Wi-Fi, presenting all the details in a well-organized format.

Wi-Fi Booster

Using NetSpot, you can find out the cause of network discrepancies and the source of interruptions. With this information, you can easily re-position all access points properly, which enables your devices to receive enhanced Wi-Fi signals.

How to Download NetSpot on Different Devices?

NetSpot App is available on multiple platforms ranging from Android, Windows, and iOS. However, the advanced site survey feature and mapping functions can also be accessed on macOS and Windows. Here is how you can download this application on different devices.

Android: For Android devices, NetSpot is available on the Play Store app. Click here to download it.

Windows: By clicking on this link, you can directly download NetSpot on your Windows devices.

iOS: Apple users can download the NetSpot app by visiting the App Store on their devices. Alternatively, you can also click here to download it on your iOS device right away! However, it is important to keep in mind that you have to connect your iOS device to a desktop app called ‘WiPry 2500’, costing around $649 to use all the features of NetSpot.

How to Use the NetSpot App?

NetSpot allows you to take a snapshot of all the Wi-Fi networks nearby. Additionally, it can also conduct a complete site survey for an entire wireless network area. Let’s learn how you can use NetSpot for various functions.

Network Detection

Install the NetSpot app on your device and take it to the area you wish to survey for Wi-Fi networks. Wait for the program to load and then click the switch on the upper-left corner to ‘Discover.’ You will find a detailed report of all the networks around you.

Site Survey

Identify the area you want to survey for Wi-Fi detection and then upload a map of the NetSpot application area. Alternatively, you can draw a map using the app’s drawing tools. Once done, proceed with your survey by following this guide properly. 

A Word on the Pricing Strategy

Though the application claims to be ‘free of cost,’ certain features come with in-app purchases strategies. Mapping networks and checking the network speed comes under the ‘free’ version. 

However, to unlock more exciting features such as data point access, active and passive scans, Wi-Fi router planning, snapshots, etc., you have to upgrade the plan. The base Home Plan costs $49, followed by the Pro plan of $149 and the Enterprise edition, which costs $499.  

What Is the Best Free WiFi App? See Here


NetSpot Wi-Fi analyzer is an accomodating signal booster application that deserves more praise. The tool is highly useful for IT industries and network admins, wireless service providers, and even non-tech individuals. 

Whether you run a company or want to improve your home’s Wi-Fi connectivity, NetSpot is the ideal app to get your job done efficiently!