What Happens When Parents Tell Their Kids They Ate Their Halloween Candy?

It’s Halloween month again! That means…it’s candy time! And don’t give us that “I’m a grown up, I don’t go trick or treating” excuse; you’re never too old for candy
















While trick or treating is a holiday tradition that goes back years and years, the hilarious Jimmy Kimmel started another Halloween tradition a few years ago. He told parents to tell their kids that they had eaten all their Halloween candy, and record their responses. As you may imagine, they were less than pleased. Here are some favourite reactions. Prepare to give way to laughter…and a little fear.

You Sneaky Mom!

While the bigger kid goes into passive aggressive mode, the younger one is just plain adorable.

The Bawler

His little sister doesn’t seem too bothered; she just laughs at him crying.

The Silent Treatment

First she doesn’t believe her mom, then she subjects her to the silent treatment.

You’re So Mean

The mom blames it on the dad, who ‘started it’!

The Gasp

This is how we would react if we were told we wouldn’t be getting our pay checks.

Hilarious, no? As a bonus, here’s a compilation of kids’ reactions one year. If you weren’t already rolling on the floor laughing, this ought to do it.